The internet. You can’t live without it. Network has become one of the most important utilities in the house. You want great wifi coverage wherever you go. Modern technology puts ever increasing demands on your service. We will provide you with a fast and stable internet connection for all of your devices no matter where they are in your home. We install highend trusted access points in the right locations for optimal coverage. The best routers and switches to keep things operating smoothly. How does it work? Whether you are building a new home or upgrading your existing network we will make it all come together. From a centralized point of the home we run high speed wiring to your smart TVs, computers, security systems, HVAC and the growing list of smart home devices. This centralized hub keeps much of the equipment in one place and out of site. It’s from here your internet, tv and phone is distributed. No more awkward dusty piles of devices spread throughout the home. Not a system built around wherever the cable guy happened to feel like installing his equipment. We can even install fibre to future proof your system.

Your network is the lifeblood of your smart home. Wi-fi is a critical part of that for all your wireless devices. Our hardware conforms to the latest and greatest specs and allows you to take advantage of the increasing speeds being offered by service providers. As technology continues to advance our systems are able to be upgraded to keep pace. We design and implement a network that lays a foundation for the future as bandwith requirements increase.

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